Biweekly sessions. If you book a return appointment with me more than once in a week your sessions drop to $65. I do this because traditionally acupuncture is done close to daily to achieve optimum results and I want to make it more affordable in cases where its really important to hook results on to one another (like pain and anxiety and colds/flus) 

UC patient appointments, I give all of Dr Danielle's patients a reduced price for treatment, first book a regular initial intake and then book these appointments after if you are coming in weekly. 

Elder discount is 10% or 70$ if you are a patient of Dr Danielle's


A Beautiful Labor: This package will start preparing your body for labor at 35/36 weeks to reduce the probability of needing pitocin induction and help your body stay relaxed and ready for labor. We will do an reduced rate initial pregnancy and postpartum intake and then have weekly appointments until we get close to your due date, we can then do biweekly package priced treatments called "jump start labor," booked internally 

Lactation Stimulation: this package includes two weeks of treatment to help boost milk supply and stimulate easy, pain free lactation. Begin by booking an initial pregnancy and postpartum intake and then move to jump start labor/lactation.

Turning Breech Treatment: In this session we will do a full intake, treatment and I will teach you or your partner how to use moxa for 10 days to stimulate baby turning, best started between 33-36 weeks, optimally by 34 weeks~

Jump Start labor/lactation: If you are at term, we will book these sessions every other day until you go into labor at a special price of $55 per acupuncture session. Please book initial pregnancy intake first and then we start these appointments if you are coming in more than once a week when you hit 38 weeks or are postpartum




Located at 

 2717 Western Bypass Suite 109B

 inside University Chiropractic

Mondays 12-7, Wednesdays 9-3 and Fridays 9-5