Special Pricing Options

I have several ways that I price for my patients. If you commit to working with me in a series of 6, after your first appointment, you be booking weekly, for the following five weeks at $85 per treatment, its called Return Acupuncture Series. If you need more time, extra bodywork or want to work on several issues, you are welcome to book the Extended Acupuncture/Herbal medicine treatment.


If you are just coming in once in a while, please book the Return acupuncture treatment. For patients that need to come in more than once a week, often for difficult pai, smoking cessation or anxiety or labor stimulation, I offer discounts:



Bi weekly sessions. If you book a return appointment in a series with me and need to come in more than once in a week, your sessions drop from $85 to $70. I do this because traditionally acupuncture is done close to daily to achieve optimum results and I want to make it more affordable in cases where its really important to hook results on to one another (like pain and anxiety and colds/flus). 

Elder discount, $5 off all treatments after the initial.



Turning Breech Treatment: In this session we will do a full intake, treatment and I will teach you or your partner how to use moxa for 10 days to stimulate baby turning, best started between 33-36 weeks, optimally by 34 weeks~cost is $100.



Pregnancy intake and labor stimulation: I offer a reduced rate for first time pregnant patient intake ($100) and then if you see me more than once a week to stimulate labor or lactation, you are welcome to the biweekly treatment discount, so treatments go from $85 to $65