Traditional Medicine

  Is Ancient Medicine. My practice integrates the holistic orientation of traditional Chinese medicine with other forms of traditional herbal medicine and a thorough understanding of western bio medicine, thus providing complete care. I use the term traditional, instead of complementary, alternative or integrative because how I practice is based on philosophy, methodology, diagnosis and treatment that arose out of observing health, imbalance and the nature of health. One of the beauties of working within the philosophy of traditional Chinese medicine, is that it draws on thousands of years of documented herbal knowledge, and uses taoist principles to cultivate harmony and balance in its approach to cultivating health and healing.


I'm trained in Chinese medicine and I carry and primarily prescribe Evergreen Herbs proprietary and classical Chinese formulas that are cleanly sourced and GMP certified in their safety. Whether through adding herbs in, or discussing nutrition, we will discover ways that your diet and eating habits are and aren't working for you.  I support you to getting more connected to eating in a way that is linked with the seasons and with your own constitution, I consider myself a flexitarian in terms of diet recommendations but they are almost always are based on centering whole, local, seasonal and heritage foods. 


My training also includes Vitalist European, West African and indigenous herbal medicine, medicine that is female centered and rooted in treating family and community. I work with simple, easy to take western herbal medicine as decoctions, tinctures and pills as well as customized Chinese herbal formulas to find what is right for you. At my clinic I carry local tinctures and herb blends because it's important to me to support local business people and also to connect as much as possible to the plants grown and medicine made right here in the triangle.


Divination and Spiritual Works

In the spirit of truly holistic health, I also offer divination and more direct spiritual work. I sometimes prescribe herbal baths, essential oil balms and other topicals and I work with energetic hygiene in the home. I perform divination and cleansings on the weekends. I am available for home or space-based consults to discuss making your home or space feel safe, clean, clear and secure. I prescribe herbs for the space and garden that act as your energetic plant allies, and herbal baths for your floors and front door, herbal as well as resinous incenses to smudge your space and create protective talisman for your walls and entryways.