The intention of my practice is create a space for healing that respects, cultivates and holds a deep connection with the earth and original, indigenous ways of being and knowing. While my practice is focused on working with issues in the physical body, Chinese medicine and all the paradigms I work in, find that there is no disconnect between body, mind and emotions.  Spirit, and one's relationship to themselves are at the root of all dis-ease.  I endeavor to cultivate a brave space within and across difference and see working holistically as part of deeply healing our relationships to ourselves, our families, the planet and with each other, in community. 


  I work with every type of person and I welcome and embrace the complexities of working with the full human experience as it relates to expression of age, sex, gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, spirituality, class and ethnicity. This includes respecting the original people of this land and acknowledging harms done to them and to people brought to this land. It includes honoring and restoring relationships with one's own ancestors that may be broken because of past harm and disconnection and cultivating a commitment to the reparative work of the times, as Cornel West says "justice is what love looks like in public". To the best of my ability I try to weave justice into my private practice. 


  My prayer is that we partner to make the space of my practice one where you can be present with what ails you, so that healing can happen and ultimately this healing will spread out to all our relations. To learn more about my community of practitioners, people and practices that are in alignment with my intention and whose work I enthusiastically recommend:




Isé orí ran mi ni mon se 
Ònà Òrìsà la fún mi ni mon to

It is the errand which Orí (higher self) sent me that I am running ~
It is the path which Òrìsà (divine nature) laid out for me that I am following~



Located at 

 2717 Western Bypass Suite 109B

 inside University Chiropractic

Mondays 3-7 and Wednesdays 9:30-6, Fridays 9-2, every other Saturday 10-1