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This gentle, safe and relaxing modality brings relief to pain, reduces inflammation, helps regulate neurotransmitters, hormones and the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. For these reasons, acupuncture treats a broad range of problems by helping your body heal and re-balance itself.  I use the tiniest of needles to maintain patient comfort and relaxation.  Sessions range from more in depth work that includes bodywork, cupping, herbs and nutrition to simple return appointments and packages that will get you the results you desire quickly. Generally, longer held chronic conditions take more time to resolve, and acute conditions or new injuries take less time. 

Patients often ask me how acupuncture works. While I'm happy to explain things within the terms of Chinese Medicine, it can also be useful to look at how western medical science thinks about it. Here is a link to a series of of blogs explaining how acupuncture works and this one specifically about how acupuncture treats pain.  




Generally I recommend about 6 visits to start our work together.  In our initial consultation and after your first treatment we will go over your treatment plan and discuss how soon you can expect relief.  For some issues, we find relief very quickly, for others, like fertility, migraine headaches and menstrual cycle shifts, changes can take longer. I like to make acupuncture more accessible and affordable and treat frequently and so I offer special pricing when patients book multiple times per week as well as labor and lactation stimulation packages. I also offer special pricing to Univeristy Chiropractic patients and elders as well as family rates. Feel free to contact me for a free 15 minute consult to see if acupuncture or the other forms of traditional medicine I use, will be right for you. 

"Tong zhi bu tong, bu tong zhi tong"

Where there is free flow there is no pain, where there is pain, there is no free flow