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Pregnancy and Postpartum care


My practice and the practitioners I work closely with have a special focus on pregnancy, postpartum care and women's health. Acupuncture and Chinese medicine have long been used to support healthy pregnancy. For a time I was located inside the Women's Birth and Wellness center with Restoring Balance and highly recommend working with them for massage and pregnancy and postpartum related holistic care.  Come see me if you are experiencing nausea, vomiting, threatened miscarriage, delayed labor and a host of common problems associated with pregnancy. I follow Debra Betts' protocols and recomendations that were developed in over 30 years of co practice with midwives and obstetricians in hospitals and birth centers in her pratice in New Zealand  as well as those of my acupuncture and internal medicine mentor, China trained gynecologist Hua Ling Shu. In western herbalism I have long studied the work of and use the recomendations of Susan Weed. I offer special pricing for pregnancy treatments and labor stimulation and offer a comfortable loving experiene for your prenatal needs

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