Durham Location: 2904 Hillsborough Rd

Mondays 2-7 and Fridays 9-5

Moving the last week in January into new offices inside University Chiropractic at 2717 Western Bypass



Chapel Hill Location,  930 M.L.K blvd, suite 300 inside Restoring Balance on the 3rd Floor of the Women's Birth and Wellness building

Wednesdays 9-2

People and Practices I Love

Over the course of many years, for my my own healing and development, I've had the privilege to experience the benefit of  various forms of healing , holistic and traditional practices.  Please check out and enjoy these links to some of my favorites practitioners and their offerings:


*Hypnotherapy: Andrew Michael Nolan of Toronto Hypnotherapy  or Spring Haughton of Brooklyn Hypnotherapy, both work at a distance


*Career and career and life coaching: Kris Gleason  incredibly talented coach and socio-emotional genius


*Powerful, ritually prepared spiritual baths and oils: Iya Terri Dawn Ochun's Spiritual Bath Teas

*Major life celebrations and ceremony in North Carolia and all things art and creativity via online courses check out: Marielle Hare and her Ecstatic Feast


*Traditional Palo Mayombe divination, tarot, reiki, espiritismo cruzado and related spiritual works contact:  Negarra Kudumu, Yayi Nkisi Malongo


*Flower Essence Therapy and constellations work, contact Loey Colebeck at Mind is Body Therapies


*Durham based  yoga and yoga teacher training visit: Nina-Be of MindBodyCenteringyoga (MBCY)


*Thai yoga massage, book with: Katie Chambo at Restoring Balance in Chapel Hill

*For Qi gong practices check out Kristen Polzein in both Carrboro and Durham

*For cranio-sacral therapy, including work with infants,  experience the wonderful: Wanda Sundermann at Restoring Balance and in Orange County


*The best reflexology I've had: Andrea Denali at Restoring Balance in Chapel Hill

*Excellent Physical Therapy and Craniosacral therapy in Durham check out at Caitlin Schmidt the Wellness Station


*For Sun-Moon dances and a beautiful Southwest space for retreats, ceremony and teachings: Jane Marron Innmon, Sweetwater Healing Arts and Sweet Beautiful Waters Peace Sound Chamber in Tucson Arizona


*For local  ceremony, prayer and changing for peace: Watersong Peace Sound Chamber in Saxapahaw