Durham Location: 2904 Hillsborough Rd

Mondays 2-7 and Fridays 9-5

Moving the last week in January into new offices inside University Chiropractic at 2717 Western Bypass



Chapel Hill Location,  930 M.L.K blvd, suite 300 inside Restoring Balance on the 3rd Floor of the Women's Birth and Wellness building

Wednesdays 9-2

Bodywork, Manual Therapies and Herbal Treatments

I've been practicing bodywork and massage therapy since 1995 and I've trained extensively in Japanese therapeutic bodywork called Anmna Shiatsu, having practiced and apprenticed in San Francisco's Japantown from 1997 to 2018. I've trained in Qi Gong for self cultivation and Tuina, Chinese Therapeutic bodywork with master teachers in the North American Tang Shou Tao lineage. On the Western side my training includes Orthopedic massage with chiropractor Tom Hendrickson, originator of the Hendrickson Method. With over 700 hours of therapeutic bodywork training, and tens of thousands of hours of experience I address your injuries, aches and pains with skill and expertise. Since beginning my training in Acupuncture and Chinese medicine in 2011, I was able to add cupping, moxibustion, and gua sha to my pain relieving toolkit. Having worked in a spa for many years, I've taken the best of my experience and offer holistic body treatments that are relaxing invigorating health rituals . 


I encorporate much of my bodywork into longer sessions with acupuncture and cupping  and currently offer the following stand alone bodywork:



  • Full sessionTibetan Hor-mey inspired caraway and nutmeg poultice acupressure with warm sesame oil massage and moxabustion or dry brushing. 

  • Full session Thai lemongrass and ginger poultice massage with warm jojoba orange and mint oil application

  • Full session Cupping with shiatsu and tui na


At Restoring Balance in Chapel Hill, I offer therapeutic oil massage, including prenatal massage, you can book there with me through my online booking for Monday and Wednesday and through the Restoring Balance online booking, for Tuesday am.